“Our kitchen remodel was very specific to the Colonial period. As we began looking for lighting, we found Custom Lighting Company and we’re so very grateful we did. Our kitchen is PERFECT!”
Beverly and James Ashton
At Custom Lighting Company, we take pride in our skills regarding interior design and decoration. We are happy working with the hundreds of interior design firms we've had the pleasure of working with. When you, your designer, general contractor or even architect call to place your order, one of our representatives will advise you on how to take advantage of your location’s interior design theme with respect to the addition of our elegant lighting fixtures. Whether for home or business, even a cruise ship or private boat,we are here to assist.

While your location’s design theme may be different from room to room, we are skilled in hand crafting your lighting fixtures to accommodate spatial requirements while maintaining a cohesive theme.

No matter what your decor, at CLC our forté is custom designed lighting fixtures which will be just that: Custom Designed. That being said, remember to inquire into our Custom Options when you call to place your order.
Hanging Length
This is of key concern to almost all of our clients. Many homes have different ceiling heights and many have variations from room to room. When you call, please inform us as to the ceiling heights in the rooms where your new lighting fixture(s) will be installed. We will advise you based on these ceiling heights, but will also listen to your individual concerns and tastes as well as your particular spatial requirements which may or may not accommodate our suggestions. If you tell us what you like and need, it's a lot easier for us to help!
Vaulted Ceilings
Slants or vaults built into your home's architecture are not a problem for us as we design each of our lights to hang perfectly straight when installed on ceilings with a 30 degree slope or less. This is accomplished by way of a ball joint which sits right below the lighting fixture's mounting plate keeping your fixture perfectly straight at all times. Just let us know if you don't wan't the Ball Joint installed.
Kitchen and Bath Hardware
You may have installed brass or chrome colored kitchen hardware in your home or perhaps another color scheme was to your liking. If you inform us as to the color scheme of your kitchen harware and decor, we are better able to advise on the metal color or combination of metal colors for your fixture(s). Combining metal colors is a great way to incorporate the elements which make up your kitchen's or other rooms' interior design theme. Please do not hesitate in offering as much information to us as you wish. We are here to listen and to help you.
Colored Tile
Some people have invested in ceramic colored tile to floor the rooms of their homes or entryways. This creates no problem as far as we are concerned. Our fixtures are custom designed for YOU. In these instances, we can use a different colored glass shade or fabric shade to "bring it all together". Of course not all of our glass shades offer a color spectrum but we can always inform you of other glass choices which may be to your liking.

All of the information above holds one purpose, and that is to have you call us when considering your lighting fixtures WHILE YOU ARE ON THE WEBSITE (if possible). There are many options available to you which we are happy to impart. So please, do not hesitate to call one of our representatives while you are on our website.
“PSYCH” - The Spa at The Parker Meridien Hotel - Palm Springs
This one of a kind nickel plated chandelier along with many other light fixtures was hung inside the spa “PSYCH” at the Parker Meridien Palm Springs Hotel. Other cohesively designed light fixtures placed at Mr. Parkers Restaurant and the hotel’s hallways.

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